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In recent years, changes in the price of wall panels
Unconsciously wall panels already on the market for several years, wall panels from a nameless person to pay a household name now in the middle of twists and turns only to understand the factory wall panels, wall panels and with it also change prices, price changes in wall panels in recent years is how much.
When partition board just listed, the price to 30 yuan a square, this is just a tentative price, with the partition board selling, wall panels in a few months after the price rose to 40 to a square block, this prices continued for a long time, until a year later with the price to rise to 50 to block a square, and then with these two environmental carbon wind blowing, wall panels price has also been a qualitative change, are now substantially 70 yuan a square.
Development of wall panels also prove changes in national building standards, the same is also driven a significant contributor to the domestic economy.

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