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The method of construction of the wall exactly what does?
"Is a wall in the building decoration materials now commonly used in the high performance it waterproof, sound insulation, thermal heat removal capabilities and more, people are making is now frequently used in interior decoration of a building material.

Wallboard multi-function, also many types, today we have to tell you about, according to the method of construction, which can be divided into types of panels.

The first: transfected with panel structures.

Transfected with a building material wallboard panel structures suitable for use in concrete and floor made of assembled houses, it is the rise from after World War II, the construction is simple, high efficiency, light weight, high strength structure. With such benefits, the cost of transfer with panel structures inevitably will be high, and the high cost will become turn panel structures biggest drawback with style.

The second: hybrid structure.

Wall mixed structure suitable for brick, concrete and other materials to build buildings. Such wallboard easy to use, inexpensive, building market is currently the most widely used one of the wallboard material. While the wall mixed structure has many advantages, but it also has its own disadvantages: mixing panels rather heavy, so its resistance to shock worse than the other wall panels, wall panels in order to improve the integrity and deformation capacity, skilled workers had to take other measures.

Third: cast type wallboard structure.

Cast wall panels wall structure of the biggest feature is its resistance to shock, which is generally used in wall panels made of concrete cast house. When in use, smearing skilled workers cement area is not large, which means that, in the construction process, staff can quickly complete the processing of the wall work, work efficiency significantly by construction workers and homeowners favorite."

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