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Different effects on different occasions new energy-saving lightweight partition board play
If you are using energy-saving light wall in the bathroom, then no doubt we want to do water, moisture, mildew work. Since the toilet water vapor is relatively heavy, and very humid, bad ventilation if also prone to mildew. New energy-saving light wallboard waterproof, but in the building when it needs to do waterproofing, waterproof mortar, floor and wall in a position to do waterproof connection work, because this is the easiest damp. Once the entire wall wet security should be discounted.

    If you are using a new type of energy-saving light wall in the kitchen, meeting rooms and other places, and pay more attention to fire prevention heat insulation, sound insulation and the latter focusing on privacy, we introduce up from soundproofing. Although there is no tradition of lightweight partition board wall thickness, but there is a clear advantage on the sound, so the kitchen, meeting rooms which need a quiet place to use is very appropriate. We can choose to partition cut entities, increased sound insulation. At the conference room wall windows to use reinforced insulation materials, and the gap to be sealed, add a fabric blinds increased sense of privacy.

    Leisure and entertainment like restaurants and other places to set off, and light partition board will be able to make the cut. Since the partition does not need to load, so you can focus on design considerations of aesthetics, and other materials used in conjunction with an increase in the relaxed atmosphere of the dining area.

    Office cut off the play is to increase the sense of privacy, but can not give stiff feeling cold, and should therefore be designed as a low interval, both to separate each work area, not make employees can not communicate.

    Effectiveness of different new energy-saving lightweight partition board different occasions to play, it's more secrets you need to dig to find!

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