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Subtleties of light firewall to resolve its board fire performance
First, raw material analysis
     Wall panels of the main raw materials of special cement, industrial waste, EPS, calcium silicate board, of which special cement, industrial waste materials are not high temperature combustion, so the product when produced with a non-combustible properties.
     Second, the original structure analysis
     Outside wall panels is to use calcium silicate panel material that does not burn as wall decoration, inside there are special cement, industrial waste, EPS and other materials, according to a fixed proportion of mixing after frequency conversion pressurized autoclave machine, formed within the folder core board, the final formation of the current combo lightweight fire firewalls board.
     Through the above analysis, we can see the fire performance of light firewall panels by the nature of its products, raw materials, and the structure of fire protection products, and finally to determine the fire performance, this plate proved by experiments at 1000 degrees Celsius temperature It can reach four hours non-combustible, so the effect of the fire reached the national standard.

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