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Wall panels in use and functional characteristics
1, use: the simple and quick construction, can be widely used. Without plaster, putty can be directly decorative; nails, saws, no environmental pollution; wall panels can also reduce the amount of engineering wall finishes, wall shorten the construction period, increasing the use of the building space and reduces total cost ; it can be widely used in various types of non-load-bearing walls inside and outside the building; decoration can be used on any surface, including pasting tiles, marble hanging.
2, function: wall panels are lightweight, solid, thin body, high strength, sound insulation, heat insulation, waterproof, fire, moisture, antifreeze, anti-aging, hanging strong, impact resistance and other characteristics. Because it brings together a lot of good performance, making it flexible for a variety of construction areas, and greatly improve the energy efficiency, fire performance and speed of construction of the building.

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