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Zhongbang is a "talent" of the enterprise, we recognize and respect each person's personality, the implementation "for their work, the result of responsible" behavior concept.
Diligence and innovation "is our demand for talent, hard attitude, innovative thinking is what we need.
Zhongbang also a "know sharing" business, "cooperative share" is our philosophy, the company is willing to share the happiness and joy of growing together with the staff willing to work with customers to share the joy and the joy of creating value brought willing consumers share the joy and the joy of using the product brings.
We adhere to the "Human resources are the primary resources" principle and the "humane management system" approach, the use of competition mechanism promoted or demoted, the amount applies, because posts can inspire staff potential and creativity, talent for the growing conditions, with the ability to measure employee and employee's contribution to the value of the enterprise, and help employees achieve self-worth.
We welcome you:
※ has a good work ethic
※ diligent innovation
※ pragmatic and efficient
※ emphasis on self-learning and willing to grow
※ willing to cooperate with the team
We do not welcome such a person:
※ thought closed, lazy and just.
※ 20-year-olds, 70-year-old body.
※ procrastination, no goal, ambitious.

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